The Project Is Bigger Than You Thought: 4 Projects That Will Be Easier With A Dumpster

When it comes to planning big projects, the dumpster rental should always be the first thing on your list. You may think that you can get by with just your standard curbside trashcans, but that's usually not the case. In fact, most people realize that they needed a dumpster about halfway through the project. To make sure that doesn't happen with you, it's important that you rent your dumpster before your project begins. That way, it's delivered and in place before you're ready to get to work. If you're still not sure you need a dumpster, here are just a few of the projects that can benefit from the extra space.

Make Neighborhood Beautification Easier

If you're involved in a neighborhood beautification project, you're going to need at least one dumpster. This is particularly true if you're going to be clearing out brush and debris during the project. One important thing to remember is that you'll need to be sure that the items you'll be discarding are approved for the dumpster. Things like old tires, car batteries, cleaning solvents and paint, are usually prohibited for dumpster disposal. For those types of items, you'll need to contact your local hazardous materials branch and find out where you can drop those off at.

Get Rid of Leftover Yard Sale Items

If you're going to be having a large yard sale, it's safe to assume that not everything will sell. While some of the leftover items will be suitable for donation to a local thrift store or charity, other items will need to be discarded. The best way to get rid of leftover yard sale items is to rent a dumpster in advance. Not only will you be able to toss out your leftover merchandise, you'll also be able to toss out the garbage while you're sorting through the garage for things to sell.

Clear Out the Hardscaping

If your summer project involves clearing out the hardscaping from your yard, you're going to need more than your curbside trashcans. Things like old bricks, cement, and landscape timber simply won't fit in your ordinary trashcans. That's where the dumpster will come in handy. With a dumpster, you'll be able to get rid of all your discarded hardscaping in one convenient location.

Cleaning Up Before an Estate Sale

If you've been put in charge of cleaning up before an estate sale, and your relative was a pack rat, you're going to need some extra space for the trash. Renting a dumpster will provide you the space you need to clear out the clutter that was left behind, and will ensure that you have the time to make sure it's done thoroughly.